Skyrim Level - Sanding the Edges


Lots of work done this week on the map. Since this is an organic setting, much of it requires sanding off the edges and forming a more natural looking environment. I'd say one of my main criticisms I have of my work thus far is that I too often think in "boxes", making some of my environments feel rigid. For my capstone, I strived to integrate more verticality to break the habit of staying on a singular plane, and with this project I'm looking to get myself thinking more organically. Additionally, I'm trying to design my environments to be more visually interesting in their composition. When a player walks into one of my rooms, I want there to be a clear foreground and a background, with elements in between. I won't master this now, or even ten levels from now, but I want to start getting better at this as soon as possible. 

Without further ramblings, below are some screens of my current progress. Some areas, such as the main cavern, have received more love than others (most of the smaller tunnels haven't received much attention beyond the original blocking). I'll be doing more of this kind of work in the next week. Apologies for the HUD, I forgot to disable it.


Underground Passage and Cultist Quarters