Skyrim Level - On to Lighting

This week was my best week yet as I finished almost all of the rock and cave geometry (what's left is little nitpicks I want to smooth over), including the dungeon exit and the center of the cavern. The underground passage received a visual overhaul, and both the cultist quarters and the alchemy/torture room received proper cave geometry and clutter treatments. A rough pass was done on lighting to further give a feel for the space, and I'm starting to feel good about it now that everything is coming together.

In the coming week, I'll be turning my attention to optimization (setting up Creation Kit "rooms" to ensure proper loading), creating a navmesh, some FX work, and lastly getting some enemies in there! This is intended to be a low level dungeon so there will only be a handful of them, but I'm excited to get this level playable. 


Underground Passage

Cultist Quarters

Cultist Alchemy and Torture Room


Dungeon Exit

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