Skyrim Level - Visual Composition

Work continues as I further shape and mold the environment of the level. Most of the attention this week was placed on the main cavern, a little bit of the entrance (and the secret passageway from the cavern to the entrance that serves as the player's way to exit upon completing the quest), and the underground passage room. I'm starting to be happy with how the visual composition of the areas is turning out, as lots of edits in the last week were little things like moving entryways and exits and adjusting cliffs and waterfalls to create a more interesting level.

This week I intend to continue this process for the rest of the environment, and hopefully by next week I'll be ready to start populating the level with clutter to give it a bit more visual flair. This will be broad strokes though - ideally I will do the larger clutter, then navmesh, then enemy placement and testing, and then one final clutter and VFX pass. We'll see though, as this is a pipeline I'm not quite used to.


Underground Passage


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