Back in the Saddle

After several months of finishing up school, attending GDC events, and beginning the job search process in full force, things are finally letting up. As of today I am officially done with classes, and as such I'll be getting to work immediately on a new project. It's been a little while since I've been able to work on anything, so I'm excited to start being creative again. 

This project will involve me going back to my roots with the tool that I first began making levels in: the Skyrim Creation Kit. That first level I made back then was never finished in a classic case of biting off more than you can chew, so this time I intend to scope appropriately and produce a small but refined little dungeon. Beyond seemingly finishing what I started, I also intend for this project to showcase my abilities in a game that potential employers will be familiar with, so that the context of the level and its contents are immediately apparent. While projects like Push and Pull and my Capstone are great, so more recognizable works would do me some good.

I'll be back to updating this regularly, with next week's post hopefully containing a rough paper design. I've already begun sketching and scribbling ideas in my design book, and the ideas are flowing well. 

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