Skyrim Level - Blocking

As of last week, graduation and family activities are officially behind me so that means some work is getting done on my level. While the pictures above and below may not seem like much (and at first glance, may appear to be near incomprehensible), but the level is completely blocked out. My paper design translated quite nicely, although I swung the the top portion around so that it could easily connect to the underground section, which would in turn connect to the level's entry room. I initially had planned for this to be two separate "cells" that the player would load into, but that appeared to be unnecessary. 

This coming week I'll be starting to smooth over the design and create the transitions between the rooms that need it. Lots of running around in the environment to get a sense of scale and making minor tweaks so that once I start filling the environment with enemies and clutter, those problems are already solved.