Skyrim Level - Paper Map

One week later and I'm back with a paper map for my Skyrim project. The level is something relatively simple: the player is sent to capture/kill a leader of a cult in a cave/ancient tomb setting. The crux of the dungeon design is that the player will see the cult leader upon entering the dungeon, but is unable to reach him. He/she must navigate underground and find an alternate path to the leader that leads through the cult's quarters and training area. Once the player enters the large room inhabited by the leader, the player will see their destination several times and from different angles as they get closer and closer, making the destination appealing from a gameplay and visual perspective. When the leader is killed, players will flip a switch that opens up the barrier that had once barred their access to him, which serves as a final satisfying reward to the player. 


Below are some of my design notebook sketches that came together to form the map: