Senior Year Begins

Very hectic around here as my senior year began this week. Really busy at the moment, but I've almost got the Starcraft level's page done. Images, GIFs, and a video have all been added, along with some notes about my design decisions on the level. I've run into some unexpected issues with the process of uploading the level to that I'm still trying to work out, so it probably won't be until this weekend before I get a link put on the page that will let people play it. At the moment I'm thinking about letting people simply download it as well as having it up on We'll see.

As for my next project, that is to be determined very soon. Tomorrow I have the first meeting of my capstone class, which will be the solo project that I'll be focusing on over the coming months. I have an idea about what it is, but I'd like to get my professor's feedback first. Just as I've done for my previous two projects, I'll be doing weekly updates for it as well.

Alex BeanComment