Project 2 Update - Once More into the Fray

No update last week since my trip to Wisconsin did impede my progress as suspected. This week I was back at it for some grueling sessions in the trigger system of the editor. Attack waves that periodically attack the player’s base, the pick-up and drop-off of the colonists by evac trucks, AI pathing, and more have been added.

That brings me to this week’s objective. My deadline is set one week from today, and in order to meet that deadline, I will need to scope the level one more time. Complications with the trigger system caused some unforeseen road blocks that slowed my progress, which means that I will need to remove the objective I had planned to have the player defend the evac transport from a wave of Dominion soldiers while waiting for one last evac truck (survivors from the dead colony) to arrive. As much as I would really like to include this, I think it would be best if I focused on polishing what I have. The level can still end naturally where I am at now, plus I spent a good amount of time in the last week sanding off the rough edges of the experience leading up to it so that this week can encompass more finer tunings.

This week's goals are:

  • Music beats – opening>building base>final phase
  • Add Dominion troops outside base 1 and 2 ramps
  • Do pass of dialogue and make story coherent. This includes adding intro dialogue.
  • Look into defending the trucks once they arrive, perhaps the refuse to go to the transport until region is clear of Dominion?
  • End cutscene
  • Win condition
  • Remaining lose conditions, including appropriate dialogue
  • Additional testing

Fingers crossed I can pull it off and come out with not only a functional level, but a fun one in the end. And if it ends up being a glorious failure, well, at least it’s been a massive learning experience. No new images and screens this week as most work has been testing and triggers. Stay tuned for one final update for this project.

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