Project 2 Update - Testing and Textures

This week I took a step back from creating a ton of new triggers and worked on sanding the edges off the ones I had created already. Problems such as "how to get the fog how it's supposed to be for a campaign level" and "how to get the comm towers to be disabled by EMP rounds while also keeping the Ghosts from auto attacking them"  that were tabled earlier have now been solved.

Additionally, now that the terrain is largely set in stone at this point, I made my first effort at painting textures onto the map. While I'm sure there will be some additional tweaks to be made, plus I'm no environment artist, but I'm fairly happy with the results.

For the coming week, I'm predicting slower progress as I leave for Wisconsin Thursday-Sunday. This is a bit troubling giving my deadline is 3 weeks away, but I'm confident that I remain on track. 

Alex BeanComment