Project 2 Update - Movin'

Current list of triggers

Progress continues in full force as triggers continue to be added. The level is almost completely playable in a rough state, save for the final escort and extraction. Other changes include:

  • Tons of triggers pertaining to "what if player does this and not this..."
  • Addition of water throughout the level to break up the visual monotony
  • Trees and additional cliff edges to condense the level in order for the level to be more concise, with less pointless room.
  • Removal of the river the went through the map. Didn't like how the units had to repeatedly walk through the thing, and gives the indication of a barrier.
  • Western colony is now put together, plus both colony areas received a visual update with a variety of props.
  • Numerous other small updates.

Below are a few up-close shots of the level. I'll be back next week.