Project 2 Update - SDCC & Triggers

As I predicted last week, my entire week was consumed by San Diego Comic Con. That is, until yesterday. While I had originally planned to spend yesterday relaxing and recovering from the insanity of the convention, I found it hard to sit around when progress could be made. I worked a solid 8 hours, knocking out tons of triggers and changing a few things up visually. The level doesn't look vastly different enough to warrant the taking of new screenshots, but the functionality of the level has greatly increased. At this point, players can:

  • Discover the dead colony
  • Kill the perpetrators 
  • Build a base, then receive further objectives
  • Find and rescue two ghosts
  • Disable the comm towers using the ghost's EMP rounds

Additional trigger improvements include: the player's dropship now spawns and despawns after unloading, and enemies will send medivacs loaded with units to nearby colonies if their comm towers are destroyed.

In the coming week, I'll be doing some more trigger work, hopefully finishing the majority of it. That includes:

  • Destroying Dominion bases and receive Confederate soldier units from the colonies saved
  • Escorting colonies to evac transport while enemy waves attack