Project 2 Update - Plot Holes

House sitting for my father this past weekend and other obligatory tasks have left me with a weak output this past week. Terrain changes continue to be implemented, but most of my progress dealt with the story side of things. It suddenly occurred to me as I was doing some wiki research that the planet in which my map takes place on, Agria, is invaded by the Zerg at the beginning of the game. This is obviously problematic since my mission is supposed to take place around the game’s middle. I wracked my brain for a while for a way around this, and I think I have a good enough story reason to address this potential gaping plot hole.

Anyway, unfortunately I feel like I may once again be hit with another wave of unproductivity as I travel to Tennessee Thursday-Sunday to see family. I hope to get some work done Sunday night and Monday, but nothing too substantial. Luckily I’ll be back to my normal routine for the two weeks following (until San Diego Comic Con), so progress should resume its previous pace.