Project 2 Update - Pre Production

As expected, the convention this weekend kept me from creating the paper map. Fortunately I was able to do a good amount of pre production work, That means I should be able to hit the ground running this week with the paper map. See below for my current pitch for the level:

[Edit: Paper Map added 6/4/15]


Level Design

Single player campaign level

Environment Description:

Several colonies on the planet Agria. Mixture of forests, cliffs, rivers, and valleys. Small colonial villages, farmland, and military encampments. Set during the day. Using the "Agria (Jungle)" texture set.

Key Locations:

Colony 1, Colony 2, Colony 3, Military Base 1, Military Base 2, Military Base 3, Valley


Common folk vs. out-of-place invasion force

Project Purpose

I Want to Create:

A level that fits naturally within the Starcraft II campaign in which players will get to put their new units (ghosts and siege tanks) to the test in scenarios that are unique to those units. I want players to be intrigued by the small story presented within the level, and for them to feel a desire and urgency to complete the mission in order to make an alliance with the colonists they have been sent to save.

I Want to Learn or Improve:

  • Experience learning a new tool
  • Experience with creating levels using assets rather than primitives/BSP
  • Experience in creating a campaign level that features triggered events and multiple win/lose conditions
  • Experience creating a level with story and dialogue
  • Experience in working in a new genre (RTS)

I Want the Player to Experience the Following:

  • A new campaign level for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty that emphasizes the specialties of the siege tank and ghost units in order to succeed
  • An interesting story that gives a different perspective to Raynor’s mission 


Features List:

  • New campaign level that features objectives that allow players to get familiarized with their new units
  • Self-encapsulated story



Raynor learns of a Dominion plot to eliminate a fringe colony on Agria that is known to harbor some old Terran Confederacy loyalists. Some Dominion supply chains near the area had been raided, and the residents of the colony are the suspects. Due to the importance of the supply chain, the Dominion has erected some base camps to watch over these villages to ensure their convoys remain unharmed, with orders to execute the villagers if any offensive action was taken.

How did the player arrive in the environment? What were the events that brought them here?

Intel is uncovered by Raynor’s forces that detail the Dominion orders. With the intention of saving the colonists and gaining additional forces and support, Raynor sets out for Agria.

Why is the character here? What purpose or what goal are they to achieve?

Saving the loyalists from Dominion will allow Raynor to add to his forces, while also legitimizing his cause and altering his image as an outlaw.

What happened to the environment prior to the player arriving here?

The colonies are still reeling after the Dominion decimated one of them after discovering proof of their involvement in supply chain ambushes. Dominion forces stand ready to wipe out the rest if any offensive actions are made.

How will you show what happened to the environment? How will you tell the story of the environment to the player?

The first setting players will come across is the remains of the destroyed colony. The military intrusion will be reflected in the stark contrast between rural colonies/military encampments.

Misc. Story Notes

  • Colonists served with General Warfield back when he was First Lieutenant Warfield
    •  Felt betrayed after he helped Mengsk and the Sons of Korhal topple the Confederacy and is now affiliated with the Dominion
  • When Mengsk took over, he conscripted the remaining Confederate soldiers
    • After conscription, they were sent to Agria as part of the permanent defense force there (due to its wild life and botanical preserves)
    • The colonists went AWOL to after arriving on Agria
  • Reasons for not trusting Raynor:
    • Looks like yet another Mengsk (Mengsk let the rebel Sons of Korhal)
    •  Matt Horner was a Son of Korhal
    • The Hyperion was formerly Mengsk’s vessel
  • Reasons for trusting Raynor
    • He's coming to their rescue
    • Desire to see Mengsk fall just like the Confederacy did: from rebellion

Objectives/Set Pieces

List (In order of occurrence):

  1. Cutscene - Introduction
    1. Objective 1 created – “Make contact with colonists”
  2. Gameplay: Player locates colony with small scout party
    1. Objective 1 completed
  3. Cutscene – Dead Colony Found
    1. Objective 2 created – “Create base of operations”
  4. Gameplay: Player creates offensive force
    1. Objective 2 completed
    2. Objective 3 created – “Liberate remaining colonies (0/3)”
    3. Bonus objective created – “Disable Dominion comm towers with Ghost units (0/3)”
  5. Gameplay: Player disables Comm Tower 1 using Ghost
  6. Base 1 destroyed
    1. Transmission
    2. Player must now defend from Dominion patrol every 3 minutes
    3. Objective 4 created – “All colonies must survive”
  7. Gameplay: Player disables Comm Tower 2 using Ghost
  8. Base 2 destroyed
    1. Transmission
  9. Gameplay: Player disables Comm Tower 3 using Ghost
    1. Bonus objective completed
  10. Base 3 destroyed
    1. Objective 3 completed
    2. Objective 4 completed
    3. Dominion patrols stop
  11. Cutscene – Incoming Convoy
    1. Objective 5 created – “Prepare for Incoming Convoy”
      1. Sub objective 1 – “0/10 Siege Tanks in Place”
      2. Sub objective 2 – “0/3 Bunkers Built”
    2. Objective 6 created – “Destroy Dominion Convoy”
  12. Gameplay: Player sets up defense
    1. Objective 5 completed
  13. Convoy destroyed
    1. Objective 6 completed
  14. Cutscene - Outro

Focal Points


  • Riverbed
  • Valley
  • Waterfall
  • Canyon

Top Down Layout