Project 1 Update - Conclusion

Despite considering that I extend my deadline due to my professor's suggestion, I've decided to stick with my original deadline on this project. As such, all work on the level has stopped, and in the next day or so I should have the project page updated with screens and a video detailing my design process and what I learned. 

It's not much, but the goal of this project (learning Unreal 4 and how to create maps in it) has been achieved. I have yet to decide on my next project, but I'm tempted to make another Unreal map using everything I've learned so far (step 1: don't make everything in a diamond). That decision will be made in the next week, and fortunately since next week will mark the beginning of summer, I will have a good deal more free time than I've had lately. Hopefully that will allow me to create a more polished product.