Project 2 Update - Tutorials

I've begun to reacquaint myself with Starcraft, while also learning the editing tools. While rather complex when it comes to its trigger system, overall the Starcraft II map editor seems to be fairly easy to pick up. Going through the many tutorials has opened my mind up to a lot of potential ideas, and I'm excited to continue to brainstorm about them.

Next week I hope to have an outline of what my mission will be, if not a paper map as well. I don't know for sure since I'm going to be an exhibitor at the local Dallas Comic Con Friday-Sunday, so time will be a bit more limited than usual. What I do know is that I want the mission to be one that would take place in the first 1/3 of a potential Starcraft campaign, and I'd like it to teach and focus on one mechanic (such as escalation, managing a couple of armies with separate objectives, etc.). I intend to go back and review SCII's campaign and see what potential holes that my level could fill.