Project 2 - Back At It

With finals officially out of the way, it's time to get back at it and start my new project. Per my instructor's suggestion that I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be extending my project time to three months. Hopefully this will ensure a more polished product. 

As for what that product is, I intend to make a single player level for Starcraft II within the game's toolset. I enjoyed my time in Unreal Engine 4, but the pre-alpha nature of Unreal Tournament coupled with the multiplayer-only requirement made testing my previous project quite difficult. My learning goals for this project are below:

  1. Experience learning a new tool
  2. Experience with creating levels using assets rather than primitives and BSP
  3. Experience in creating a campaign level that features triggered events and multiple win/lose conditions
  4. Experience in working in a new genre (RTS)

Each of these goals tackles weak points in my current skill set, so hopefully this project will serve as a great benefit to me. As before, I will update this blog weekly with my progress. This week will be spent re-familiarizing myself with the game, determining the type of level I want to make, and learning the SCII editor. The project will be due on August 18th.