Project 1 Update - Progress

Six days after my last post, and I'm happy to say things are moving right along. Lots of BSP work was done in this last week as I continued to hammer out the design. The interiors of the bases continue to evolve, and I still don't believe I'm completely happy with them. In fact there's a lot of nitpicks with the geometry I'd like to do, but I have to keep this train moving, unfortunately. 

In addition to BSP, I implemented pick ups. Weapons are now placed throughout the maps, along with some armor and health pick ups. The armor and health placements are going to see a lot of changes once I start testing them, but for someone rather unfamiliar with UT like I am, it's hard to have a gauge for where to put them and how much.

Anyway, I'll keep this brief. Below are all sorts of screenshots of the map in its current state. Please forgive the lighting, as I've only just begun to give it some basic lights throughout the map. Next week I hope to see some bots playing around and capturing flags!

Base Interior/Exterior


Bunker Interior/Exterior