Project 1 Update - Bot Matches

It's been two weeks since my last update, and what a two weeks it has been. The game I'm currently working on with a team, Push and Pull, has been in beta, so I've been squashing bugs left and right. Additionally, relatives have come to visit and the usual homework load has left little time for side projects. 

Today yielded some unexpected free time, however, so back to work I went. Spawns were added, flags were placed, and a nav mesh was created. With these done, I got to play my first bot matches. See some of the results in the GIF gallery below:

Pretty cool to see it up and running finally. Lots and lots of tuning to be made, though. To just scratch the surface, these are several things that came to mind as I playtested:

  • More armor and health pick ups, and more spread out
  • More cover. At the moment you can get hit from nearly anywhere if you are not in one of the bases.
  • To add on to the point of cover, the middle pathway at the moment is completely pointless, as players are way too exposed.
  • On the ledges that lead to the circular platforms, round off their corners and make that jump easier.
  • Does everyone spawn with translocators? If this is the case, I need to remove my placed translocator and replace it with jump boots.
  • More indicators that show what side of the map you're on (red side, blue side).

So those are several issues I'm looking to address this week. More playtesting should reveal a plethora more.