Project 1 Update - BSP

Due to my team project's beta deadline, this week ended up being pretty light on the side project department. The time that I did get to spend on it was spent working with and learning more about how to use Unreal Engin 4's BSP to shape the graybox. Last week I stated that my goal was to have the graybox completely done in a week, but the amount of learning curves I've had with not only the engine, but also with the scale of the map were not anticipated. I find myself re-sizing constantly, and the interior of the bases have gone under major revisions from where my paper map was. I'm sure there will be more to come as well. Anyway, below is an image of a bit of the current progress:

So that's where I'm at right now. The interior of the base is all built however I am still trying to wrap my head around UE4's lighting. This frustration has resulted in me using all directional lights at the moment, so of course I have things going pitch black on me in certain areas. That's another thing I'll be learning in this coming week.

I'll keep this brief, since it's obvious that I have a lot of work to do. When speaking with my professor who serves as my main mentor at UTD, I shared with him my "one side project every two months plan". While he admired my ambition, he noted that two months might not be enough to get a decent product. So as I go forward on this project, I'll keep that in mind. The idea of shifting deadlines after I've already made them really irks me, so I'm going to avoid that if at all possible. We'll just have to see as we go forward. For the time being, let's hope we can get this thing playable in the coming week.