Project 1 Update - Paper Map

Project 1 is well under way, and before sketching out my paper map I had some homework to do. Since the last Unreal Tournament I played was about 3 hours worth of UT3, I had to get acquainted with this new one by playing several matches and taking lots of notes on weapons, general design of the levels, and other things.  Once I felt comfortable enough, I began sketching out the below paper map. Because I have yet to get overly familiar with Unreal Tournament, I held off from placing health and specifying a scale of the environment. Both will have to come once I've played around in the editor and tested enough. 

Below is my paper map and various design notes I made as I was creating it. Of course all of this can and will change once I begin to create it.

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Design Notes


  • Players can choose to attack their opponent from either the middle or side paths:
    • The middle path is the most direct approach. Defenders have limited visibility of attacking players coming from this path and a Stinger Minigun is located at the bridge's center.
    • Side paths are a greater risk to players due to being exposed to fire from defenders on the second level of their bases, but it also provides the rewards of power weapons and equipment that allow for base infiltration through the roof.
  • The raised walkway in the center of the map is designed to break the site lines between the ground level of the two bases. This allows players to successfully begin an attack against the opposing base without being killed before they can leave their base. Additionally it discourages sniping matches between two turtling teams.
  • Small platforms on either side of the middle bridge surrounded by goo not only provide players with Armor, but also allows players to switch from the middle lane to the side lanes, or side lane players a more direct way to access the enemy base. To reach this platform, players must use Dodge.
  • The four mini towers placed along the side paths give players access to mid-level weaponry: the Link Gun and the Shock Rifle.

Base Defense

  • Defenders must protect their base from three different attack strategies:
    • Ground floor - The bulk of attacks will come using this strategy. Attacking players will enter through one of the three entrances on the ground floor, working their way up the stairs and into the second floor where the flag is held.
    • Second floor - Entry to the second floor requires using Jump Boots  or a Translocator to access the second floor windows. Attackers will fight through second floor defenders to access the flag.
    • Roof - The roof can only be accessed by players who have acquired Jump Boots  or a Translocator. From there, players can drop onto the flag (bypassing the second floor and its defenders entirely) and escape the base using the ground floor exits.
  • Defenders on the second story can see the tower and bunker. Not only will this allow them to shoot an attacking players coming from those directions, defenders will also know if they should expect a roof entry attack strategy.
  • Defenders on the second floor also have access to  a small hallway that they may duck into in order to avoid attackers who are approaching from the stairwell. Doing so will involve taking their eyes off of their flag, so defenders would be best served to not remain in the hallway long.
  • There are limited weapon options for base defenders. In order to get better weapons, they must venture outside of the base walls. This will keep defenders from being able to successfully turtle inside their base.
  • Players wishing to defend their base from attacks coming from the middle path can best do so from either the tower or bunker.

Tower & Bunker

  • Both the bunker and the tower offer power weapons for players to acquire.
    • The bunker's ground level is home to a Flak Cannon. Players wishing to infiltrate their opponents base can take advantage of this weapons CQC abilities.
    • The tower's ground level provides a Sniper Rifle, which is great for picking off defenders shooting from their base's second level. Smart players will take their newly acquired rifle to the tower's third level for a better vantage point.
  • Jump pads allow access to the bunker's second level and the tower's third.
    • On the tower, player's will have access to the Jump Boots as well as a nice vantage point that will allow them to counter snipe base defenders and protect their advancing teammates. 
    • On the bunker, player's will have access to the Translocator as well as a vantage point that will put them at equal height with base defenders.
  • The bunker provides better cover for those on the ground, while the tower provides limited cover but a greater vantage point.