Capstone Project - Lighting is Hard

From here on out, I'll always show an immense amount of appreciation for lighters. The past two weeks have largely been spent on trying to make my level be adequately lit. As someone with zero past experience with lighting, this has been a frustrating process. Not only has my level looked poor, but more importantly the gameplay is negatively affected. Players need to be able to see blue objects so that they can know that they can be manipulated, but I've had the hardest time getting the blue objects to appear anything other than black. My recent discovery that these objects need stationary lights rather than static ones is a testament to how my lack of knowledge is hindering me quite a bit and causing this process to take up a lot more time than I initially allotted.

I should be finished in the next few days with the lighting. It won't look very pretty, but my main goal is to ensure it allows the level to be played effectively. Everything else is secondary. The deadline is rapidly approaching, so once the lighting is done a few tweaks here and there will be all that is left.

Alex BeancapstoneComment