Capstone Project - 85%

This week saw the first packaged build of my level produced, and everything is running pretty smoothly. The lighting is total crap at the moment, but gameplay-wise things are going pretty well and I got some good feedback from a couple people who have played it. My current state is about 85% complete, and all that is left to build is the final puzzle. I've sketched out some ideas and I hope to get that complete in this next week or two. Once that is done, I'll be implementing more functional lighting and deciding on some final textures (as final as my prototype textures will get). Once those are done and the level plays and looks well, I'd like to implement a final, rather simple cutscene and some level streaming to load assets in and out of memory. Those were two goals I wanted to tackle from the get go, but they are secondary goals at the moment. Right now I'm getting to work on getting the level completion to 100%.

Alex BeanComment