Scope: Video game vertical slice (or demo) 

Team Size: Thirteen

Development Time: Four Months (8/14-12/14)



Immortal to Man is a stealth game where you play as Dalus and experience his journey to shut down his robotic city while avoiding the Protectors guarding it. To shut down the city, you must sacrifice a piece of yourself at each of the terminals powering the city. With each piece you give up, you lose one of your abilities. The play style of ITM changes each time a terminal is visited and an ability is sacrificed, causing players to adapt throughout the game until all the terminals of Rynth are shut down.


My Contribution

I served as one of the team's two level designers. I created the design of the game's east and west districts (seen below in red). This includes designing the areas in paper maps, realizing those paper maps within Unity, implementing the art assets into the level, and adjusting the level design in response to user feedback and testing.