The remainder of the map saw some minor changes:

  • Cover now exists alongside the ledges touching the goo pools. This reduces the problem I was having where everyone was able to see everyone at nearly all times, especially those on the ground level.
  • The islands in the middle of the goo pits now have some health vials in addition to the armor. Because players are exposed by taking this route, I wanted to give them a slight reward for doing so (in addition to it being a way to flank those holding the bunker/tower).
  • The islands have been increased in size to make it more difficult to accidentally fall in the goo pools. 
  • The stairs leading up to the bunker/tower have been widened and are located farther away from the link gun/shock rifle placements. All of this was done to give players a bit more breathing room, as it felt unnecessarily claustrophobic. 


The cover added to the middle of the map was one of the final additions, and it helped out the gameplay here immensely. Using the islands and risking exposure to the goo pits now feels like it is worth it, and players are no longer highly exposed when leaving their base.