The bunker experienced a good amount of change from the original version. Changes include:

  • Removed the area behind the bunker in order to make the area more concise, With that, the jump pad was placed in the interior of the bunker.
  • Bunker was rotated 45 degrees so that the interior could function as a corner hallway, unlike the paper map's four corner interior.
  • Armor and health pick ups provided inside (ideally for the person who wins control of the flak cannon).
  • Two pieces of cover were added to the top of the bunker to make it defensible from approaching players, however it remains exposed to enemies on the tower or in the two bases.
  • Because players currently spawn with translocators, the translocator on the top of the bunker has been replaced with jump boots.
  • Added cover to the ledges facing the middle of the map. This makes the tower a more defensible position and less wide open.
  • Medium health pick ups added to the ledges.


Unlike the tower, I think this side works pretty well. The bunker serves as the only tight-spaced area that is not located inside the bases, and I think the flak cannon combined with the armor and health pick ups creates a dangerous player if he/she should decide to storm the opposing team's base. Because of this, the bunker is a desirable destination for players.