The interiors of the base are probably the most changed from the paper map. This took a ton of iteration, and there is plenty more that can be done with it. Changes include:

1st floor

  • Removed spiraling stairwell and replaced with jump pads to access second level. With UT's fast pace, I didn't want to encourage attacking players to creep around stairwell corners in order to proceed to the top.
  • Added a change in elevation with two pieces of cover for defenders to use.
  • Added link guns so spawning defenders may have adequate weapons to ward off attackers.
  • Instead of having walls that jutted out, I elected to go with pillars that would allow attackers to find cover once they entered the base.
  • Medium health pick ups were added for attackers to recover from defender fire.
  • Chest armor was added next to the jump pads to thicken attackers before entering the fray upstairs.
  • Sliding doors added to the left and right entrances. There were issues with defending players being able to see incoming attackers coming from the side paths from a far distance. Additionally the left and right entrances seemed to be a lot to handle for the defenders. To curb this, sliding doors were added that only allowed people to exit through them, but not enter. This way defenders can see incoming players, but not attack them. Also attackers looking to infiltrate through the first floor must go through the main door. (Note: the sliding door was an existing Blueprint that came with the editing tools, and not created by me).

2nd floor

  • Added a whole room where players land after taking the jump pad up, as well as a change in elevation that leads towards the flag. This provides better defender vs. attacker gameplay, with each side having more room to maneuver.
  • Added health and armor pick ups to the aforementioned room. Defenders can grab these to prepare for the impending assault, or attackers can grab them in preparation to take the flag.
  • Enforcers placed in the room as well. This gives defenders the ability to dual wield. It was very important to me that with the exception of the bio rifle, defending players upstairs would not have access to a lot of weapons in order to discourage them from turtling. Dual wielded enforcers will give them a slight damage increase without allowing them to dominate attackers.
  • Health vials were added to either side of the flag to provide players with a slight health boost.
  • Behind the bio rifle, a window was added to allow players to survey the map. Because of the distance, a player would have to have a sniper rifle to be able to do any damage from here. It's main purpose is to give defenders a look at the map without exposing themselves.
  • On either side of the bio rifle, those exposed areas now lead to small walkways that contain jump pads. These jump pads allow defenders to pursue flag carriers quickly, or allow flag carriers a quick escape. Players who choose to use these jump pads are very exposed once they reach their destination (the islands to the left and right of the bridge), however.

3rd floor

  • The real estate here has been greatly reduced in order to get rid of unnecessary space.
  • Health, a shield belt, and a link gun pick up have been added to allow attackers to arm themselves before taking the plunge onto the flag.


I'm pretty happy with my additions and iterations to the bases. The ways of infiltrating the base have been honed, and there is now a lot more opportunity for interesting gameplay between the attackers and defenders. However, I do feel like the walls containing the health vials and the wall facing the flag are a bit bland, and I'd be interested to see how I could improve them.